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Clay mitt 2.0

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NORTH WOLF CLAY MITT 2.0 provides a quick and easy way of removing gloss-hindering above-surface contaminants from your vehicle finish. Constructed with one side microfiber for normal cleaning  and functional high-tech polymerized rubber coating on another side for bonded contamination remove .2.0 model is upgrade from model 1.0 much more durable and softer .


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* NORTH WOLF CLAY MITT 2.0 is a popular clay towel be widely used in car detailing and cleaning industrial.
* Constructed with microfiber on one side for normal cleaning usage and functional high-tech polymerized rubber coating  .
* Have an advantage of strong permeability from both sides.
* Help to save half of the time and effort of a clay bar, and prevents your shoulders, elbows, arms and hands from wear on.
* It can easily and quickly remove surface contaminants, pulling them away from your car and leaves a silky smooth paint finish.
* It can be rinsed and reused numerous times making it much more effective than a clay bar.


* More environmental, uses water instead of chemical.
* Cuts work time in half.
* Costs effective way to leave paint free from contaminants.
* Up to 40-50 applications.
* Makes a vehicle shine like new with minimal effort.


Don’t use harsh chemical or cleaner, suggest to clean with clay lubricant or clear water.


* Clean the car surface with water and make sure no particles on it. Keep it wet.
* Make the clay mitt 2.0 fully soaked with water or lubricant.
* Clean the car surface lightly with this clay mitt.
* To avoid scratches, please wash the clay towel frequently while cleaning.
* After cleaning with the clay towel, please wash the car with water again.
* Waxing the car when the surface is dry.


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