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5” Wool cutting pad

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NORTH WOLF WOOL BUFFING PAD, Beige color 100% wool material good for cutting process,  apply with heavy compound to remove deep scratch fastly. Hard backing type velcro not spin off . It can match on both dual action machine and rotary machine and good balance, Suggest to apply with 5” back plate .

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Velcro Size 5inch Wool Size 6inch
Material 100% wool Color Beige
Grade Cutting Bonding hard backing
Package PP bag/ PC


·  Material : 100% wool , fast cutting speed
·  Bevel edge design for safe polishing
·  Centre hole for accurate centering on backing plate
·  Suitable for use with Velcro backing systems
·  Suitable for all types of automotive paintwork
·  North Wolf advantage bonding technology makes velcro not peel off
·  Unique hard velcro type is more durable than normal pads
·  Other available size : 3”, 6”, or customized size

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