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5” Heavy cutting pad

Short Description:

North Wolf DA buffing pads, Green color sponge 65 PPI for cutting process, bevel edge design , durable hard backing is heat resistion, work well on dual action machine not peel off. Meanwhile, it can apply to Rotary polisher and GA polishers with 6inch backing plate.  Suggest to use with cutting compound for deep scratch remove.  

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Velcro Size 5inch Sponge Size 6inch
PPI  65 Color  Green
Grade  heavy cut Bonding hard backing
Package PP bag/ PC Match System RO ,DA, GA


Instruction :

·  Material : 60 PPI durable aggressive sponge
·  Bevel edge design for safety polishing
·  Center hole for accurate centering on backing plate
·  Suitable for use with Velcro backing systems
·  Suitable for all types of automotive paintwork
·  North Wolf advantage bonding technology makes velcro not peel off
·  Unique hard velcro type is more durable than normal pads
·  Other available size : 3”, 5”, or customized size



· Don’t soaked in the water

· Wash the pad with water after use

· Don’t expose to the sun.



cutting pad



Suggest to use with 5inch backing plate,  size not exceed 130mm,    popular thin type thickness 17mm is good balance on DA machine.




Unique hard velcro type is more durable than normal pads, durable bonding not peel off when working on dual action machine .







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